Romantic Getaway at The Grand Amore Hotel Florence

Romantic Getaway at The Grand Amore Hotel Florence

It's not easy to find a hotel with a 5-star feel and a cosy environment. Grand Amore Hotel and Spa in Florence is an exception to this rule

This hotel feels like a getaway, without the overstimulation that often comes with staying in this kind of high-quality hotel in Europe.

The Grand Amore takes care to make sure that guests have a memorable experience, while offering them excellent service and a boutique feel along the way.

There's a reason the name of the hotel means "Grand Love." This is a perfect choice for honeymooners or those looking to get away for a special occasion or anniversary!

Between the care the staff takes to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable to the details in the design of the rooms and lobby, this hotel was meant to appeal to those looking to enjoy themselves away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Room service and an included bar make the Grand Amore Hotel and Spa the perfect spot for newlyweds and romantics to hole up for a few days and enjoy time alone.


One of the major benefits of staying here is having a spa onsite, too. Few hotels in Florence have a spa right next door, but Grand Amore Hotel offers guests the opportunity to relax and to book appointments straight from their rooms.

You might want to consider a massage and Champagne or one of the Jacuzzi baths offered. It's the perfect way to spend some time alone or as a couple when you want to take a break from seeing the many sights in the city!

Several room options are available, and all include a free breakfast before you head out for the day. If you really want to impress, the Amore Master Suite is a great choice for any special occasion. A small tariff will be charged when you book the room in order to pay costs for the breakfast, Wi-Fi and a few other amenities.

Need to get out a little during your romantic escape? Located not far from the direct city centre and the Duomo, the Grand Amore offers easy access to all of the city's main attractions. Only a 5-minute walk away from the towering cathedral and its nearby baptistry, guests can easily get from one end of the city to the other without feeling like they're leaving their hotel too far behind.

The main desk is happy to help you if you have any questions about getting to a location or you need to know where some of the best bars and restaurants are in relation to where you're staying.

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