Happy Hour or Aperitivo in Milan

Happy Hour or Aperitivo in Milan

If you think of Milan the first thoughts are of the fashion industry, finance or perhaps the museums. But it is the Italian home of the Aperitivo.

The Aperitivo evolved as a daily social event to discuss the events of the day, the people of Milan would gather together after finishing work before returning home for a late dinner with the family. As time went on it became increasing popular and was adapted by other cities and is practised throughout Italy today.


Aperitivo refers to the time of day usually between 6pm and 9pm and if you visit Milan you will see what is essentially the origins of the happy hour. A whole range of drinks and light snacks are served, Martinis, Bellini's Mimosas and of course Prosecco to name but a few. All drinks do not necessarily contain alcohol, Italian Sanbitter is non alcoholic and is a popular choice as well as a range of non alcoholic fruit cocktails.


The light snacks are also served as an accompaniment to the drinks and range from bruschetta, focaccia, finger food as well as meat and cheese, making the whole happy hour experience hugely enjoyable.

It is possible to enjoy Aperitivo all across Italy, but if you want to enjoy Aperitivo in it's orginal home of Milan there are plently of places that are worth a visit including the beautiful Duomo di Milano, the Sforzesco Castle or the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Or you could stroll along the boutiques situated on the Via della Signa the choice is yours, it is a wonderful tradition and enjoyed by many, long live Aperitivo.


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