Luxury Holiday Ideas in France

Luxury Holiday Ideas in France

In Germany, we have an expression: “Living like God in France” which symbolizes luxury and living life to the utmost content of your hearts pleasures.

And what country could be better suited for treating yourself to a luxurious trip than France? Whether you are planning an elegant city trip to Paris or a lavish month in the French countryside, here are some Luxury Vacation Ideas for France:

Rent a Luxurious Villa in France

Have you ever dreamt of living in France? Maybe you see yourself at one ofthese luxurious France vacation rentals?

Whether you want to pick a rustic country estate in the lavender fields of Provence or an Oceanfront property along the Cote d’Azur, there is nothing more luxurious than experiencing your dream of living in France, but without all the responsibility of owning a property.

Renting a villa gives you the comforts and privacy of home, so you can entertain, relax, or be creative in your “own” space.

Renting a Luxurious Villa - Luxury Vacation Ideas in France

Helicopter Tour from Paris to Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte for Champagne Reception

Driving in Paris can be a nightmare. So what if you could hop on a Helicopter to whisk you away to stunning Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte for a Champagne reception? Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

First, the helicopter ride lets you get an aerial view over Paris. You’ll see the Eiffel Tower from a Birdseye view. Circle one of the most iconic buildings in the world and see it from a perspective that only few ever will.

Then, you get to explore the manicured grounds of this stunning castle, wander its elegant rooms as you sip Champagne and indulge in some of the best macarons Paris has to offer.

Just as the sun sets, the helicopter takes you up in the air for the Grand Finale.

Paris at Dusk from a Birds eye view- Luxury Vacation Ideas in France

Exquisite Food at Michelin Star Restaurants

With 616 Michelin Star restaurants in France, you might need more than a few vacations to try them all. But this abundance also means that you are likely to find excellent service, unique creations and of course delectable food nearby.

However, the latest food trend in Paris is on the sweeter side. From 3 star Michelin Chef Guy Savoy’s Brioche restaurant to Christoph Adam’s eclectic eclairs, the sweet side of Paris’ Haut Cuisine will excite your taste buds.

Michelin Star Restaurant in France - Fine Dining Luxury Vacation Ideas in France

Rent a Private Yacht

Renting a private yacht and sail along the Cote d’Azur. Sip Champagne and dive into the turquoise waters to cool off.

When you are ready, explore the known coastal gems like Nice or Cannes, or maybe venture to the more hidden spots, like Cap d’Antibes or Cap Ferrat.

Rent a Private Yacht and sail along the Cote d'Azur - Luxury Vacation Ideas in France

Exclusive Access Tours

The hordes of tourists in France can be quite a nuisance, so imagine, if you could have the place just for yourself?

How about Versailles at night? Or maybe Notre Dame? How romantic would it be to climb the tower of Notre Dame and enjoy the stars sparkle over Paris with your love?

If shopping is your guilty pleasure, you most certainly would enjoy a private shopping experience at your favorite Designers and Jewelers in the city of lights.


Private Access Tour in Paris: View from Notre Dame at Night - Luxury Vacation Ideas in France

Luxurious Rental Cars

Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini, or maybe a classic like the Citroen DS. Whether you have one (or more) of these treasures in your own garage and can’t live without some horsepower during your vacation, or just want to treat yourself to an amazing memory to add to your trip, driving in a beautiful car along a winding road through the vineyards of Burgundy is an unforgettable experience.

Classic and Luxury Car Rentals - Luxury Vacation Ideas in France

Wine Tasting in Burgundy

Speaking of Burgundy. For this next suggestion, you might want to leave your luxury rental car in the garage and hire a driver.

Plan a wine tasting tour and follow the Route des Grand Crus, a 60 km stretch that follows the foot of Cote d’Or from Dijon to Santenay through the award-winning vineyards of Burgundy.

From light and refreshing Chablis made from Chardonnay grapes to a fruity Beaujolais or the revered Pino Noir, any wine aficionado will find their compliment.

Luxury Vacation Ideas in France - Burgundy wine tasting

Truffle Hunting

We all enjoyed the musky aroma of fresh truffles and heard about the unique measures taken to find these rare treasures.

But what if you could experience the truffle hunt first hand and go out with the locals of Perigord on their fall harvest? It is often described as the ultimate scavenger hunt and quite an experience, so we had to include it on our Luxury vacation ideas for France.

Afterward, reward yourself with a delectable treat such as Duck Breast with Black Truffle Fois Gras.

Black Truffle Hunting in France, Perigord - Luxury Vacation Ideas in France

Palais Garnier Paris Opera House

Now, back to Paris. Opera lovers will agree that a night a the Palais Garnier is a special treat.

Did you know that the Paris Opera House was the original setting of the Phantom of the Opera and that the musical’s story is based on a true story?

From the gondola scene on a lake below the Opera to the patron hit by the counterweight of the grand chandelier, all these things actually happened at the Palais Garnier and inspired Gaston Leroux’s infamous novel. Even on his death bed, Leroux insisted that the “Opera ghost really existed”.


The mix of truth and fiction simply adds to the mystery and flair of the Paris Opera House and you simply have to experience it for yourself.

Palais Garnier Paris Opera - Luxury Vacation Ideas in France

No matter which of these Luxury Vacation Ideas for France you choose, they will surely make your trip more memorable and exciting. Treat yourself and relax. After all, this is what it is all about: Living like God in France – at least for a little while.

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