Top Budget Hotels Central Paris

Top Budget Hotels Central Paris
If you’re traveling on a budget yet still prefer staying in affordable luxury hotels, you’re in luck. These are posh centrally located hotels that offer a wealth of comfort, charm and unique Parisian experiences of the city.
And while it’s not always easy to fit "Paris" and "budget" in the same breath, the two four-star hotel you’ll find here, namely Hotel & Spa La Belle Juliette, will impress with how they welcome you to stylish comfort and accommodations in two of Paris’ loveliest neighborhoods on the Left Bank.

It’s best to book as far in advance as you can for these accommodations as many of them are known more by word-of-mouth than from guidebooks.

For the other hotels on this list, affordable still applies as does the filter of superbly and strategically located in central Paris. The very innovative Hotel 1er Etage is a husband-wife run 5-room hotel that is a renovated spacious apartment in the Marais. And they’ve recently added a second location near Opera as well. The Hotel Henri IV on the breathtaking Place Dauphine has just had a head-to-toe renovation so expect it to smell of fresh paint.

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Staying near the Eiffel Tower is always breathtaking. This arrondissement, Paris’s 7th, is known as one of the poshest, as well as safest, in the city. Listed here are several hotels within a short walk of the Eiffel Tower all of which offer no-fuss, demure charm. The Marais is another area favored by international visitors to Paris. If you enjoy shopping and love the small, narrow streets of one of the oldest parts of Paris, then you’ll feel at home because the Marais is one of the few neighborhoods where shops and galleries are open on Sundays.

Hotel Carlton's Montmartre

This is the kind of hotel you think about when someone uses the word "affordable" as a descriptive. But the clients here are loyal and some have been coming back for seven years and longer. The charm is the hotel and it's also the location. Here, you're on the other side of the Montmartre Hill, a more residential area, full of young families. A quick walk up a the sloping hill, past the classic Lapin Agile and the Clos Montmartre (Paris's only vineyards) and Voilà, Place Tertre and its storybook setting of cafés, creperies and little jazz bars awaits. Follow the cobble-stoned streets and you'll soon be at the breathtaking basilica that is the Sacre Coeur. Not only is this church heartstoppingly beautiful, so is the view from up there. Treat yourself and take it in both during the day and at night, when the city is all alight.

1er Etage Opera

The best way to describe this new Parisian hotel is : hybrid. It's a hybrid between a hotel and the Air-BnB craze. It's also a nice middle ground between renting yourself a vacation apartment, which is frequently done in Paris, and staying in a hotel. I'll explain… A very enterprising couple have dreamed up an exceedingly innovative way to own a hotel in Paris. They bought and renovated an enormous apartment, on the first floor of a Marais building, and carved out 5 hotel rooms within it, each having their own shower and WC. They then added a communal living room and a small functional kitchen where a Nespresso machine, chilled bottled juice, and jars of retro candies are kept for the guests. Yes, it does feel just a tad like a youth hostel, but a grown-up one where guests are your age and demand the luxury life, too.

Hotel de la Tour Eiffel

One of my favorite arrondissments in Paris is the 7th. Not just because it's posh and home to Paris's elite, but also because of its charm – restaurants, cafés, the wonderful rue St. Dominique and its shopping, and the neighborhood park wich happens to be the Champ de Mars. So if you're on a budget and skimping on luxury comforts, there's no need to compromise on location. At this hotel, you are less than five minutes walking from the Eiffel Tower and also just around the corner from where Michelle and Barrack dined (La Fontaine de Mars) when they visited the city in 2009. Amenities at the hotel include : WiFi, 24 hour reception and late arrivals are accommodated (arrange in advance). One of the charming quirks here is that your breakfast is to be enjoyed in the bakery just down the street. 

Hotel du Vieux Saule

This affordably priced hotel is situated in the very trendy area now of the Haut-Marais. The Haut-Marais, as the name indicates, is the area just above the charming district known as the Marais which has become very pricey in recent decades along with its skyrocketing popularity. This area, home now to the just-opened and all-embraced event space, the Carreau du Temple, is where all the bohemian-artists (and travelers on a budget) are now calling their own. Insofar as the accommodations go, you'll find rooms that are clean and family-friendly but which could, well, use a bit of a refurbishment in terms color schemes and bed spreads. The lobby and public spaces, however, are a bit brighter and more modern looking, with exposed stone-walls and functioning elevators. Non-smoking floors and WiFi are provided. There's even a Well-Being space with a sauna and a hydrotherapy tub for guests.

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Hotel Henri IV - Rive Gauche

You could walk by this little Place a thousand times as you traverse the Pont Neuf and never notice that it opens up into one of the most beautiful little squares in Paris. The history of Place Dauphine spans all the way back to Henri IV who in 1607 created this city square as and named it after his son, the future Louis XIII, at that that time the Dauphin of France. At number 25 is where this modest hotel perches with its rickety stairs that take you up one floor before delivering you to the reception desk. Here, it's all about the location. Comfort is present but not in huge quantities. Rooms come with showers and some even with toilets. Breakfast included. The hotel is a perfect choice for travelers wanting to be central in Paris and who plan on spending much of their time out exploring the city.

Hotel le Pavillon

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This cute little hotel nestled back off the street in a shady little courtyard full of greenery is one of those places that when you walk by it, you wish you had booked your stay here. This time, you can. Décor is creative and upbeat, with each room having its own theme, such as Eiffel Towers painted on your wardrobe and a clawed, red bathtub set off to one side of the bedroom. While another room can be full of hearts and signs that read You Are My Sunshine. It's also a hotel dedicated to environmental practices so the coffee machine in the downstairs breakfast room has buttons marked organic cappuccino, café au lait and espresso. And what's even more fun, when you walk out the front gates, the Eiffel Tower looms at the far end of the street, visible over the Parisian rooftops. Sigh…

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