Neuschwanstein: The Most Visited Castle in Germany

Neuschwanstein: The Most Visited Castle in Germany

One of the most visited places in Germany. It was built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II and is located near the city of Füssen between the Bavarian mountains and forests.

Here you can see the place with the most fantastic architecture: Neuschwanstein Castle

We will not write about its history, because you can discover it directly in the castle or read it in any other article talking about Neuschwanstein. Let's concentrate about more interesting things that will surely inspire you and help you relax to the maximum.


Neuschwanstein is one of the most visited castles in Europe and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. If you have not yet visited, doubt no more. Awaiting you is a true story in which you are at its center. Walt Disney himself was so fascinated by its beauty that he used it as a model for the design of the castles in Disneyland.

For a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle it is advisable to take at least half a day to see its gorgeous content but if you can make a whole day trip, then even better.

In the 19th century when Neuschwanstein Castle was built it was considered a very modern castle offering maximum comfort. It had central heating to heat the rooms in winter time. The castle had running water, and good internal communication wiring helped the king to call his servants. It also had an elevator to facilitate daily life.

Wandering between its walls also means taking a look at the room designs and decor. They are fitted out with wooden furniture. Don’t miss the king’s rooms, dining room, dressing room, study and chapel. All are very nicely furnished with precious paintings of great value.

From the inside you can see out to the beautiful views around the castle but the same can be seen from outside the building while you stroll round the grounds. The castle, being high up, offers visitors a wonderful vantage point. Stay a little longer and feel free to observe and learn more about this castle, be a part of this very special atmosphere.

Useful tips:

You can also reserve them for a fee for up to two days before entry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We advise the second option although it is more expensive, but it allows avoiding the queues waiting to buy tickets.

  • The castle is open every day of the year excepting four festival days; general admission costs 12 euros.

  • In the castle you cannot take photographs and you cannot enter with strollers/prams or large backpacks.

  • In and around the castle you find enough places to have a rest and find refreshments. You can purchase drinks or choose from the best German meals.

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